3D TV a potential danger to children?


June 2010

With the influx of 3D coming into our homes, the question of the impact of such technology on human vision is more acute. Despite the warnings on games consoles or 3D TVs, the harm is difficult to assess since it is only the beginning of a widespread adoption.

After concerns about the mobile phone, harms of which are not yet clearly defined , will it be wise to be wary now of 3D technology coming everywhere in the home? If you believe the warning of Audioholics , democratization of such technology and its widespread adoption could lead to some health complications.

In their view, the proper development of vision in a child could be affected following too much exposure for too long or too often before a 3D screen. This is particularly true in children in infancy, especially those who are less than seven years old.

"Seeing a film in 3D at the cinema every month probably will not affect the vision of an individual, especially when the subject is an adult, however, if we introduce the 3D effects in a home, we increase our exposure dramatically. We could go on for days at home watching 3D content on our new 3D TV "Audioholics expressed concerns.

Wayde Robson says: “the truth is that prolonged exposure of an individual to a 3D image can cause more damage than the electronics industry is willing to say on the subject.

But manufacturers have warned about certain practices that may affect vision. This is for example the case of Nintendo, especially concerned since the Japanese company wants to market next year a new portable console capable of displaying 3D screen effects without using special glasses.

This is one concern on which Nintendo has not hesitated to communicate on. On 18 June, 2010, the president of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime said this was not a major concern for society. The Nintendo 3DS has no “health impacts" he said in comments reported by Kotaku.

“We are working with experts in the field, we conducted extensive tests. We have a tradition that leads us to make the most qualitative products on the market, "continued the boss of Nintendo America.

That said, since the console could persuade parents to buy Nintendo 3DS for their toddlers, Reggie Fils-Aime warns that it is not recommended to offer such a console to a toddler.

"In young children, the eye muscles are not fully formed ... it's the same message that the industry says about movies in 3D, so it is a standard protocol. In fact Nintendo had a similar kind of warning for the Nintendo Virtual Boy,
But despite the presence of such warnings, Audioholics is particularly alarmed. Indeed, continuous exposure to the 3D technology may affect vision to cause strabismus. This syndrome can be perceived with the naked eye, since the axes of both eyes are not parallel.

For the brain to avoid seeing double, it then ignores one of the two images to focus on. Unfortunately, without the second eye, the subject loses his vision in three dimensions.

Just as mobile phones, it is probably too early to know exactly whether the 3D technology can affect health one way or another..

Just as it is not recommended to stay watching TV 24 hours, it will not be advisable to stay in front of a 3D screens for too long. No doubt many parents will be very fussy about 3D content for children (TV, video games ...)














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