3D TVs to surpass conventional televisions by 2015


Will 2015 will be the year of when sales of 3D TVs take over the conventional televisions sales? Well this is what is understood by a study conducted by the Japanese Institute of Economic Research Fuji Chimera. According to the findings of the investigation, backed by AFP, televisions supporting 3D technology are expected to outnumber traditional television displays.

Two years later, 3D televisions should definitely take advantage by occupying almost two thirds of the TV market, said the study. And this year (2010), manufacturers should aim to sell nearly 4.5 million 3D TV. However, it is understood that it will still take some years to see sales explode. Fuji Chimera projections suggest 85 million 3D televisions will be sold in 2015 and 130 million in 2010.

Again when it comes to 3D, the phenomenon of Avatar is never far away. Moreover, the study cites the open blockbuster by James Cameron as one of the key phenomena that have pushed the 3D technology in public domain.

The industry sector believes that recent technological advances will push consumers to invest in next-generation TVs. The industry experts have found that technological advances in 3D televisions have attracted a very large segment of consumers.

However, the leap forward will truly be when enough content is available in 3D. However, as manufacturers prepare for battle TV manufacturers like Samsung , Toshiba , Sony and many others are already competing in peripheral areas like video games for example














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