3D Blu-ray for PlayStation 3


September 2, 2010

At IFA, Sony announced that firmware to support Blu-ray 3D on the PlayStation 3 was postponed for a month. This update follows the one held last April. At the time, Sony had added support for 3D games.

Movie fans will have to wait another few weeks. During the 2010 IFA international exhibition, Sony said that the deployment of the update for watching blu-ray films in three dimensions on the PS3 was delayed a month. Players will have to wait until October 2010 before they can download the new firmware.

The Japanese firm did not provide specific reasons to explain this delay. However, poor sales of televisions and poor catalog of Blu-ray movies in 3D may have persuaded Sony to wait another few weeks before starting the update. Unless it is not yet completely finalized.

As a reminder, this feature is part of the conversion of the PlayStation3 to adapt to 3D technology. Last April, Sony had begun to prepare the ground revealing firmware 3.30. This offers players the opportunity to enjoy the 3D stereoscopic video in some games. The conversion is supported by the release this summer of a range of Bravia televisions made for 3D.

In either case, the display of 3D will require a compatible TV with 3D stereoscopic and wearing special glasses. Currently, the market for 3D TVs is just emerging. It will take another few years to see this area take precedence over traditional TV














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