3D camcorders


Monday, May 3, 2010

With the launch and further development of 3D Televisions, we are promised a bright future. 3D should soon become accessible to the general public in the coming years. It is a matter of time, but the urge film the latest addition to the family and the upcoming trip to Egypt in three dimensions should encourage the mass production of 3D camcorders. This is as long as they can be marketed at an acceptable price.

Panasonic has announced early commercialization of its semi-professional camera AG-3DA1 which is able to record in 1080p and in 3D but at a price of $ 21,000. This is the first camera in the world that brings together two lenses and three CMOS sensors.

Sony will also soon introduce its camera Sony EX3, which the world has had a glimpse to see. It would also constitute a camcorder that combines 3D with actually two cameras PMW-EX3 with interchangeable lenses. But the price and release date are not yet known













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