HP launches 3D printers


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Here is a piece of news that at least confirms the growing interest in 3D technology. Hewlett-Packard, which is well established in the traditional printer market, has announced the signing of an agreement with the company Stratasys to market its 3D printers under the HP brand.

The manufacturer hopes to tackle the market for small businesses and independent professionals who can find such as Architects and engineers who can "print" miniature models of their creations to show to their customers, and have a better view of their creations without spending a fortune in the manufacture of prototypes and models.

At Stratasys, the cheapest printer available is the 3D uPrint, which still costs about 12,000 euros. It is far too expensive for the general public, but accessible enough for professionals to begin the development of a mass market. “There are millions of designers using 3D and 2D printers who are willing to give life to their 3D models, " said Santiago Morera, head of large format printing, HP.

The first model of 3D printer designed for HP should be sold this year at a price which is still unknown.



















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