3D TV sales disappoint in 2010


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Despite a strong interest around 3D TVs, sales of televisions compatible with this technology have not really taken off in 2010. It is expected that the sales will not climb until next year when manufacturers really start marketing.

Manufacturers of 3D TV should not have expected record breaking sales this year. At a time when the public is still not quite accustomed to this technology, such a goal would have been really presumptuous. But they hoped to at least feel strong enthusiasm among consumers. Instead, manufacturers have met with some caution.
So says a study conducted by the firm Display Search. Unveiled yesterday, the report's findings show that sales of 3D TVs are not great. Only 2% of high-definition displays sold this year are compatible with the 3D technology. This still represents 3.2 million units. It will not be until 2011 when we see a real start of sales of 3D TV. Switching between conventional TV and 3D TV will take place in 2014 or 2015 .

The study found that even though 3D TV makers need to achieve aggressive targets and offer many new products, potential consumers are still cautious about the new technology. They know that the future of television is 3D TV, but remain wary of relatively high prices and low availability of 3D content. A caution is reflected in both Europe and the United States.

This study echo’s the research conducted this summer by the firm GfK. Again, the findings showed that consumers were interested in this technology, but the investment in a television set in 2010 was not justified by the low supply of 3D content. Not to mention the amount that needs to be spent to acquire 3D TVs, but also the whole 3D environment (a PlayStation3 to read Blu-ray 3D or any other player for example)














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