3D Content Survey


In a survey released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), 36% of people who want to buy a 3D TV soon say they plan to play 3D video games. That is 2 times more than those who wanted to play HD video games, a few years earlier. 

The CEA has partnered with the Entertainment and Technology Center (ETC) at the University of Southern California, to show that 67% of those who wish to acquire a 3D TV in the next 3 years will accelerate their acquisition if 3D content is available in our homes (via cable, satellite or fiber-optic). 

Among those there, 65% say they want to see films and 33% want to see programming in 3D. 36% say they want to play 3D games. Besides, the PS3 will propose changing its firmware to allow playing games in 3D. 

The survey conducted by ECA has also shown that 27% odes adults had seen a 3D movie in the cinema last year and that over 80% of those there had a positive opinion on this experience.

















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