3D PlayStation 3


The first images of the apparent new version of the new firmware for the PlayStation 3 began circulating recently. Some of the first images seen on the net seem to show the configuration menu of the console. That includes illustration of 3D Video Output.

The images of the 3D PlayStation 3 console prove that Sony is definitely working hard on a new version of its PlayStation 3 console to release the 3D PlayStation 3 pretty soon. There have also been other images that have been observed. They show people the actual version of firmware that will be used for the new release.

So we now know that this update would be known for Firmware 3.20. Currently, the PS3 works with version 3.15. Does that spell a good or bad news for the PlayStation 3 in the coming future? We will have to wait for its release to find out more.

However, if the stories currently circulating around the release of the 3D PlayStation are true, then it would confirm the remarks made by the representative of SCEA's John Koller, who had stated at the last CES, that there was an update to make the PS3 3D compatible




















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