3D Ready TV


Although the arrival of the new 3D logo is imminent, everyone is already talking about 3D Ready TVs. In the same way as the current TVs are accompanied by a HD Ready logo, we can expect that the 3D TVs for sale will bear a similar 3D Ready sticker to distinguish them from other TVs.

The subject regarding the specification of a TV that makes a good 3D TV still remains unclear, but one can already extract 4 distinguishing features that are for a TV to deem it 3D ready. 

First, the TV must propose an active 3D technology. 

Secondly, the 3D TV must have a refresh rate of at least 120Hz (60Hz for each eye). The higher the refresh rate, the softer will be the 3D effect that is broadcasted to the viewer. A 240Hz TV will get a refresh rate of 120Hz per eye. 

Third condition. The 3D TV should work with the Blu-ray for good 3D display and 3D HD movie. These TVs will need to have HDMI ports. HDMI 1.4 will offer full HD content in each eye. 

Finally, to view TV programs in 3D and allow you to use your 3D TV glasses. 3D TV will allow the plug connector of a stereo signal timing. At the other end of the connector will connect an infrared transmitter that will synchronize your active glasses

















3D TVs and Displays