3D TV Sales Forecast


3D television is currently one of the most talked about technologies on the Internet (and offline). But how many units of 3D TV for sale will we see in the coming years? The firm Futuresource Consulting has surveyed Americans in February 2010 regarding the future use of 3D TV in their homes.

The results are very interesting. The first observation we can make is that people are warm to the idea of having 3D TV in their homes. In fact, 72% of those surveyed said that they would want to see a 3D TV in their homes but, only 39% of consumers are willing to pay for it. Many people felt that 3D TV seems a bit too expensive.

But what about the TV itself? Futuresource believes that by 2015 all the big-screen HDTVs will be 3D-ready. In 2013, entry-level 3D televisions, which sell from $2500 to $4500, will have decreased to $1000. This is good news, for consumers in the future.

Finally, by 2015, the majority of households (70%) will have a 3D-ready TV. This is great news for the new technology. The truth is that  a 3D television is more attractive than HDTV and offers many more features than the traditional HDTV, so such an uptake of the 3D technology does not seem too surprising.

However, if 70% of households adopt 3D by 2015, we would require that TV stations also provide content in this new format or that the TVs are equipped with suitable converters (as, hopefully, Toshiba ZX900). But on the whole it seems that the sales of 3D TV will continue to rise in the coming future. Further development of the technology, especially the introduction of 3D televisions that do not require specialised 3D glasses will only bolster the sales of 3D TVs.in fact the development of 3D TVs without glasses and increased availability of 3D content will be the two key factors that will drive the sales forward.

One thing is sure, the fact that major TV makers around the world are investing heavily into the new technology only point to the fact that this is not something that will be allowed to fail easily. Companies like Sony for example are constantly increasing the production of 3D movies from their studios in Hollywood. Additionally, the introduction of new 3D TV content on various channels around the world will help add further 3D entertainment for the owners of the technology.




















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