50 percent of 3D games released within two years


Thursday, May 20, 2010

For years, if not decades, the video game industry has promised us the arrival of 3D technology. The promise was repeated so much so that it eventually became background noise. But now finally, the technology that has been log awaited has actually launched. According to Ubisoft, half of video games sold in 2012 are expected to be playable with 3D glasses.

Director of Ubisoft reckons next year we should see maybe 15% to 20% of 3D games on next generation consoles ... and the following year it will be at least 50% of games, in a telephone interview with investors. We are seeing more and more games come in 3D on the Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as on portable machines.

Sony has already updated the firmware of its PlayStation 3 game console to support stereoscopic 3D gaming , and Nintendo is preparing to unveil its console Nintendo 3DS , which will also offer games in 3D mode. Microsoft will soon follow with its Xbox 360. 3D on the PC will have to wait a while. But it is certain that manufacturers will push the adoption of 3D displays to promote the emergence of a market that will also benefit other applications. Some website publishers already imagine commercial sites in three dimensions, enabling customers to better understand the products they control.

We can count on substantial growth in the 3D market simply because it is more immersive, so it will be a good way for industry to give more emotion to the players. But it is on condition that new solutions highlighted do not nauseate the players, like all those demonstrated for years













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