Acer 3D projectors


Sometimes fans of the 3D TV technology whether manufacturers had launched 3D projectors, in addition to 3D TVs. As it happens, Acer has announced it will launch two 3D projectors.

Thus, two projectors should soon be marketed by Acer. The models that we are discussing are the H5360 and X1261. Both devices work with NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision. According to NVIDIA, in order to take advantage of 3D, the viewer will need to have, the 3D projector (or 3D Vision-Ready monitor), a pair of NVIDIA 3D Vision (glasses), an NVIDIA GeForce compatible computer with the Vista or Windows 7 operating systems

To return to the spotlight, the H5360 is compatible with the standard 720p, while the X1261 has a resolution of 1024 x 768. In addition, the H5360 offers a contrast ratio of 3200: 1 and the other model a contrast ratio of 3 700: 1. Both devices have a brightness of 2 500 lumens. Note that only the H5360 comes with a HDMI port.
Equipped with better features, the H5360 is sold at $ 699. The X1261 is more affordable. In fact, it only costs $ 579.99.

The other companies are also working on 3D projectors. For example, LG 3D TV presented the first 3D full HD projector in the world at CES 2010




















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