Adobe will make 3d Flash Player


The next major version of the Adobe Flash Player should probably integrate 3D technology. Or so we may reasonably imagine after the release of a portion of the program of the conference of the Adobe Max , in October.

Indeed, one of the sessions is called "Flash Player 3D Future", in which a Flash engineer Marketsmueller Sebastian will explore the next generation 3D API in depth, which should happen in a future version of Flash Player.

According to Thibault Imbert, product manager at Adobe, this conference should certainly appeal to those working in developing 3D video games, in augmented reality or simply in interactive content such as websites .

For now, the official did not wish to reveal more. Nevertheless, it evokes particular hardware acceleration through the graphics card, ensuring that we will probably have to forget what we have seen before, because this will be huge.

The shift to 3D was widely expected, when the Adobe Flash Player looks to wipe the criticisms of some large companies like Apple, while being threatened by the arrival of new technologies such as HTML 5. If for the moment, the Flash player is still heavily used to show videos, it may be superseded eventually by the tags of the HTML 5. It is therefore not surprising that Adobe diversifies the opportunities for its readers.

Note also that most modern web browsers are now equipped (or will soon) to view 3D content. This is particularly the case of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera, through WebGL














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