Astra 3D TV


Astra, the first satellite system for broadcasting television and radio in Europe will offer a 3D chain demonstration during ANGA Cable 2010 (technology trade fair for cable, satellite and multimedia) which begins May 3 in Germany. 

Wolfgang Elsaesser, CEO of Astra Germany announced at Broadband TV News that the chain demonstration would be aired on 3D position 23 5 on the Astra satellite. Astra has a long history of demonstrating and promoting new technologies and is actively involved in the standardization process. 

During the presentation of the latest SES Astra Satellite Monitor in Berlin, President of SES Astra (Ferdinand Kayser) said that 3D was the next big thing. He added that "3D TV standards are not yet set" and "current receivers can receive 3D content but you need a new TV for display. Our objective in the weeks and months ahead is to achieve a standard. It is not in the interest of viewers to be confused with the standards." In 2004, we have acted the same way for HDTV. We managed to motivate and promote initiatives to agree on a technical standard ".

















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