Bluray 3D Player


The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) announced the technical developments of the upcoming 3D Blu-ray.

According to the BDA, the technology used in the system is the same type of Blu-ray. Moreover, the videos will be encoded with the codec MVC (Multi Video Coding). The VMC is in fact a simple extension of H.264 AVC (Advanced Video Coding). One advantage of this technology is that the videos will be presented in full HD 1080p.
The 3D Blu-ray will be compatible with 3D TVs.

Other good news, is that this new technology will be backward compatible. In other words, an "old" Blu-ray will play new movies in three dimensions without displaying images in 3D. Conversely, a "new" 3D player can play old movies, but display them in 2D.

Aso, the good news is that the PlayStation 3 will be compatible with Blu-ray 3D. Obviously, we do not yet know the price of new Blu-ray 3D, but this is great news for owners of Sony's console. They will save money.

In short, the announcement by the BDA will good reading for 3D fans. It good to see that the designers have thought about backward compatibility of this new format




















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