DVDs can now offer a 3D image


January 2009

While manufacturers have begun to show cinema solutions in 3D high-definition based on Full HD TVs and Blu-ray players capable of playing two simultaneous video streams (one for each eye) at CES in Las Vegas, the good old DVD has not had its last word.

The Canadian group Sensio, which offers three-dimensional audiovisual solutions for professionals since 2003, has succeeded in passing its 3D DVD solution. The consortium has approved the technology, which became the first standard option that can use the studios and manufacturers to offer 3D on standard definition discs. Disney and Universal Studios, already partners of Sensio, could be the first to offer major Hollywood movies with Sensio 3D DVD.

Year 2009 should give a real kickoff of the mainstream movies in 3D, including the new film by James Cameron (Avatar), a film by Robert Zemeckis, or the upcoming animated DreamWorks film. Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson have also planned to film Tintin in three dimensions, while Tim Burton must adapt Alice in Wonderland in 3D stereo. George Lucas has also announced his intention to propose a remastered version of Star Wars in 3D, but no date has been mentioned.

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