Holographic 3D football stadiums in Japan


Friday, May 21, 2010

Everyone still has in mind the image of Princess Leia projected by R2D2 in holography. But soon, it will not remain an imagination and George Lucas will even look obsolete. While the World Cup football in South Africa will be the first to be given full 3D stereoscopic, the Japanese Football Association (AFJ) has pledged this week to FIFA to develop 3D holographic technology if Japan was chosen to host the 2022 world cup tournament.

The project brings together Japanese business partners and is part of a 550 billion yen (about 5 billion euros) plan that was submitted to FIFA. The images are to be captured of the match around the field to 360° by 200 high-definition cameras (sic) on each match. Then the images could be projected on a giant screen specially adapted, which reproduces the feeling of reality.

But above all, Japanese manufacturers imagine what could become a goldmine for FIFA. If the technology is ready in time, the AFJ think projecting holographic images live in other stages, to give the illusion that players are at truly on the ground. Besides images, microphones will be installed all around the field and in the grass to reproduce all the sounds heard by viewers as realistically as possible. It would be possible to sell tickets in a stadium situated at the other end of the world and multiply the number of places available for the same match.

The chief technology officer of the AFJ reckoned the technology will be realized or will become available around 2016.













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