Is Sharp 3D touch screen for Nintendo?


Friday, April 2, 2010

These days, Japanese companies have announced work on the integration of 3D into the handheld devices and mobile phones.

There have been Nintendo press releases about a new handheld device, called the Nintendo 3DS. According to the Japanese company, the device will be capable of supporting three-dimensional effects without the need for special glasses.

But who will construct the 3D screen for Nintendo 3DS? For now, no name has been leaked. However, Sharp has presented today LCD touch screen for displaying images in three dimensions without having to use special glasses in Tokyo. And if the Japanese company has refused to confirm the existence of any partnership with Nintendo, it is still very plausible that the display designed by Sharp may equip future Nintendo 3DS.

The company have already had the 3D display in the past (2002, 2004 and 2005) and developed several devices with 3D displays that did not require glasses, but the launch turned out to be a flop in those times. Commenting on the commercial potential, Yoshisuke Hasegawa confirmed contacts with different companies, without disclosing names: “We have clients interested in various areas but I can not name names”, he said.

As far as functionality of the Sharp 3D touch screen is concerned, simply position the screen a foot from the eyes to perceive 3D. If the unit is in portrait or landscape the screen will be capable of reproducing the 3D effect in both cases. In addition, Sharp said that in addition to this innovative feature, the screen will continue to bear the touch technology



















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