Japan to broadcast the first 3D TV series 2011


Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Japan, the satellite channel Sky Perfect JSAT will broadcast the first television series shot in three dimensions in January. The emergence of the 3D programs can be seen in many countries, but viewers will not automatically follow that trend by renewing their TV.

The broadcasting of 3d TV continues to grow in many parts of the world. And every TV station rivals ingenuity to appear as a pioneer in this field. In Japan, the satellite channel Sky Perfect JSAT will broadcast in 3D from next January and this will be the first series shot entirely in three dimensions.

Produced by Fuji Television Network, the series will be called "Tokyo Control", and features ten episodes. The action takes place in the control tower of an airport, with actress Ayako Kawahara as star, said AFP. Of course, viewers will need the right 3D equipment (3D TV and active 3D TV glasses) to enjoy the series in 3D.

In Europe, TV channels and Internet access providers are also following the trend of 3D TV. In the UK, the operator British Sky Broadcasting was launched in September a special channel dedicated to programs broadcast in 3D. In France, ISPs like Orange, SFR and Free are following the trend.

Nevertheless, the emergence of 3D television can be achieved with the help of viewers. However, sales of 3D TVs are currently quite low. A study conducted by the firm DisplaySearch showed that only 2% of high-definition displays sold this year will support 3D technology. A very low figure.

These 2% are still 3.2 million televisions, and boosting sales will occur next year. The 3D technology is indeed a significant investment for households, and many people prefer to wait content development before investing in a new TV














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