Launch of 3D TV for Sale


While Samsung 3D TV unveiled the price and availability of its new line of 3D TV for sale for the U.S. market, Sony announced that its models are to hit the market in June 2010.

However, Sony 3D TV will be launched with a little patience, because Sony will first look to penetrate the Japanese 3D TV market. Also note that Panasonic 3D TV, LG 3D TV and Visio launch their 3D TV models in March, May and August respectively. The 46-inch 3D TV from Sony will sell for 350 000 yen, or about $4,000. Two pairs of 3D glasses will also accompany the unit.

Manufacturers are trying to take advantage of the growing popularity of the films shown in 3D. With the recent rise of from James Cameron’s film Avatar shooting to the top of the list of the most lucrative films in history, manufacturers are looking to capitalize on the new 3D buzz.

We are seeing increasing interest from major broadcasters to provide programming in 3D. Earlier this year, Sony announced a partnership agreement with Discovery and ESPN for plans to add a 3D later in 2010. Sony is also counting on the U.S. video game market to stir interest in its 3D TV, and pinning its hopes for the TV to combine with PlayStation 3 for a better experience




















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