LG 3D mobile phone


21 January 2011

The South Korean manufacturer will soon market a 3D mobile screen device that does not require the wearing of glasses, said a spokesman for the group site Pocket-lint.com. This technology, which is already available in Japan on Sharp smartphones and soon to be available in Europe via the Nintendo 3DS, could be used on upcoming smartphones from LG.

The Director of the marketing strategy of LG Group James Choi commented that 3D displays on mobile and cell phone technology are not going to happen in 3 to 5 years.  He added that  LG will soon surprise us with a 3D camera by LG. He did not specify whether it is a smartphone or a tablet.

In early January, the Korean brand, which already sells 3D TVs with 3D glasses, introduced a prototype mobile device with 3D display at CES in Las Vegas which was  on a screen of 4.3 inches (the size of a large smartphone ) and does not require wearing special 3D glasses. The presentation of this unit could be held at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

The 3D screens without glasses are one of the future trends in high-tech universe. Toshiba is working on TVs in 3D that can be watched without 3D glasses. Sharp has already passed the test, but on small devices such as smartphones, which it marketed in Japan recently. Sharp has also supplied 3D screens for the Nintendo's handheld 3DS which will be launched March 25 in Europe



















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