LG Passive 3D TVs


Friday, April 22, 

Unlike the vast majority of 3D TV manufacturers, LG took the gamble of passive 3D TV at the expense of active 3D. The Korean manufacturer has introduced its new line of 3D televisions with the ambitious motto being: "3D like in the movies." For this, the Korean company has designed ultralight glasses that weigh just 15 grams, designed by Alain Mikli and which are more affordable than the models already on the market that exceed 100 pounds.

When the 3D TV glasses are worn, they turn out to be much nicer than the big frames generally offered with 3D Active; in another words when worn, they are quickly forgotten about after a few minutes. Two other models of the 3D TV specs have also been announced: one is a frame that fits around vision eyeglasses and a pack of 5 pairs that can be used for when the friends pop around.

On the 3D TV side, four new lines have been introduced:

- The LW4500 (32 to 55 inches): This is the entry level, integrating TruMotion 100 Hz, the upscaling 2D/3D dual tuner DVB-T / DVB-C and 2 pairs of glasses.
- The LW5500 (32 to 55 inches): in the this model LG have added the DLNA certification, LG Smart TV service connected (TV service connected) compared to the previous range.
- The LW570S (32 to 55 inches): same features as the previous two series, but for this model LG TV have added a triple DVB-T / DVB-C / DVB-S tuner.
- The LW650S (42 to 55 inches): this new model contains the specifics of LW570S adding TruMotion 200 Hz

Wiimote as a remote

Finally, LG accompanies its new 3D TV lines with a new remote control which is heavily inspired by the Wiimote, the controller for the Wii. Indeed, the Magic Control is used by pointing to the screen. A pointer appears on screen, offering a more intuitive navigation. All these models will be available within two weeks, but no price has yet been revealed




















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