Nintendo 3DS launch crucial


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

According to the president of Nintendo of America, Nintendo 3DS will undoubtedly be the console's biggest release since 2004. The new 3D console will have a screen that is capable of displaying images in three dimensions and unlike current 3D TVs, it will not require the special 3D TV glasses.

As the launch of the Nintendo DSi started just a few weeks ago in the United States and Europe, Nintendo is already planning its next move by clearing the way for its future 3D handheld console, the Nintendo 3DS . In an interview with the American press, the head of the American branch of the firm, Reggie Fils-Aime, has argued that the arrival of the 3DS is the biggest launch of the firm since 2004, when DS the name was first marketed.

He commented that Nintendo have got plans on what the company would like to bring to the consumer, but they cannot achieve that with the current model, he confessed. He said that the Nintendo 3DS is the next pocket platform for game players. However, he did not elaborate further on the specifics of the device.

Currently, the schedule for the new Nintendo console is divided into two stages. First, the console should be submitted at the next E3 show in Los Angeles, which runs from June 15 to 17 Then, the Japanese company is expected to begin marketing the product next year, probably in the first quarter of 2011 (or even earlier).

While it is difficult to predict what the success of the console will be, it is already clear that the competitive environment is less conducive to Nintendo, in part because today's products have reached the end of the cycle. The sales of the DS began to decline significantly (-3.8%) for the fiscal year 2009. As for home consoles, the Wii is also in decline with a drop of 23% for the year just ended.

Moreover, the new Apple strategy in the gaming industry and mobile applications is being watched closely by Nintendo. The company president argues that the existence of gaming on the touch pad is not a real problem for Nintendo. He suggested that Apple has no effect on the company’s financial results, their sales volume, our hardware and software.

The USA president also said that the have seen data that indicates that if gamers are made to download apps regularly, they will only play the game a few times and then move on to something else. He suggested that Apple’s platform is not really viable and profitable for the video game, because there are a lot of free games compared to those who are paying.

For now, the advent of the iPad has barely begun. 450 000 units sold out within days of launching the tablet does not weigh much to the millions of Nintendo DS, which circulate in the world



















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