Nintendo 3DS release


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

While E3 looms on the horizon, British sources believe that Nintendo has brought forward the release date for its next handheld console. The 3DS will come out in Autumn 2010 instead of spring 2011, as was originally envisaged.

Originally anticipated for spring 2011, the Nintendo 3DS could finally come out much earlier than expected. According to the site CVG, which takes information from a British source, the Japanese company would market its handheld console from October 2010 to enjoy sales through the holiday season. However, this new date also aims to outdo the competition, starting with Sony.

The Japanese company would like to take its handheld console, the PSP, to E3, which will take place in Los Angeles from next June 15 to 17. And while Nintendo takes the gamble on 3D technology, Sony would build on a multipoint touch screen. Of course, Sony would not comment on rumors.

It was speculated that the Finger Connection is a multiplayer game in which players spin a wheel that requires them to place their fingers on the bright spots on a screen. The players lose if they fail to correctly position their fingers on the spots indicated

For Nintendo, the launch will be 3DS a big deal. In an interview with Business Week, the president of Nintendo of America had stressed the importance of the console for the company: He commented that the Nintendo 3DS is for the next pocket platform the company. It is a big deal, especially with that Apple's threat of entering the gaming industry and mobile applications



















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