Panasonic 3D TV Release


Panasonic has announced that it will offer 3D TV from May' 2010 so that the viewers can start enjoying an even more enhanced entertainment experience. The manufacturer took advantage of the France - England rugby match on March 20th to mark its presence of Panasonic 3D TV in the ever so hot 3D TV market. Panasonic partnered with the broadcasters of the match in 3D mode that was shown in a score of cinemas across France and on TV screens in the UK.. 

Laurent Roussel, President of Panasonic France commented that they are proud to sponsor the rugby match. Hea said that Panasonic is  especially pleased to give the public a taste of the 3D TV experience that will be released  in the month of May for  the home entertainment market. He said the  plasma screens NeoPDP have already demonstrated their extreme quality for film, gaming and sports and with their  new 3D screens Viera Full HD, Panasonic will  offer viewers a new way of watching live television, which will be richer and more intense






































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