Power of Nintendo 3DS questioned by Epic Games


Friday, October 8, 2010

With advances in smart phone technology, Nintendo must now contend with a more dynamic competitor. The latest phones display particularly impressive performance, while at the same time challenging the technical capabilities of the next handheld console from the Japanese company.

So should Nintendo be worried? At a time when the current smart phones show very impressive performance, the question arises as to whether the Japanese manufacturer can still offer much better handheld devices. If Nintendo is a key player today, it is now facing increased competition from more and more companies from the telecom industry such as Apple. This summer, a study conducted by GfK had also indicated that the main advantage of the App Store was its videogame category.

Some companies that specialize in game development such as Epic Games are relatively skeptical about the technical capabilities of future portable Nintendo 3DS console. The co-founder and vice president of suggested that the capability of the Nintendo 3DS is below their minimum required specifications. He said, because they do not have the 3DS, there is no way for them to check,  But in his opinion, everything leads them to believe that the characteristics of the 3DS are below the minimum specifications. He said that that you could not make a game like Epic Citadel for this console, for example.

These comments will clearly go against the testimony of anonymous developers contacted by the online magazine IGN last June. When asked about the power of the Nintendo 3DS, some have explained that the portable console showed capacity significantly higher than the Wii, and approaching the same power as HD consoles like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

In late September, the technical characteristics of the next console Nintendo had leaked on the web. We learned then that the 3DS uses two processors each clocked at 266 MHz, a graphics processor at 133 MHz, 64 MB RAM video memory and 4 MB of flash memory 1.5 GB The final verdict of performance of 3DS will be known in autumn when the console will hit the shops next year



















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