Samsung 3D LED Thin Bezel 950 Series Monitor


At the 2011 consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, Samsung did not only impress the world with its 3D TVs, but it also unveiled its thin bezel 950 series 3D monitor. The new 3D monitor uses Samsung's proprietary 3D panel that allows the manufacturer of the 3D monitors to achieve a much thinner bezel as well as thinner depth of the 3D monitor.

On this 3D monitor, you cannot only view 3D content, but you can also view 2-D content on-the-fly. So if you worried about viewing your old 2-D content material whether it the old movies, old pictures or any other similar content, you can view all of the content on this 3D monitor. However, you will need to possess a pair of the special 3D TV glasses to be able to view the content in 3D. The 3D monitor glasses are synchronized with the display through the use of Bluetooth. You can actually convert that to be content to 3D on-the-fly.

The new 950 series 3D monitor will be available as either a standalone version, or as a HD 3D TV combo.




















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