Samsung 55 inch Passive 3D TV


May 19, 2011 

While LG announced the launch of LG Passive 3D TVs with great enthusiasm, last month, it's time for Samsung to unveil its own technology. In partnership with ReaID, the Korean electronics manufacturer has developed a new technology called 3D RDZ offering a Full HD 3D display, using polarized glasses. Samsung is expected to launch its first model in the range at the beginning of 2012. The new 3D TV range will include a 55-inch screen for those who want the real 3D TV cinema experience from the comfort of their own armchair.

Samsung launches its own VOD 3D service

Whilst introducing its new 3d TV range, the manufacturer has also unveiled its own VOD 3D service. Already available in Japan, Samsung Explore 3D arrives in Britain through an application available on Samsung Smart TV screens connected to the Internet. For now, the entire contents of this service, essentially trailers and video clips is free. Eventually, the firm intends to propose Asian movies and series, music videos, or documentaries in 3D. In all, the company is expected to make available a multitude of similar services on the 3D TV platform by the end of the year. No date has yet been announced for the availability of this service in the rest of Europe.

With the launch of the Samsung 55 inch passive 3D TV the competition between the there is 3D TV manufacturers appears to be heating up. Regular innovations are being introduced by the various TV manufacturers in the race to become the leading 3D TV supplier. Watch this space to see how other 3D TV manufacturers respond.




















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