Samsung 9 Series Monitor


Samsung have produced the new 3D model are in the form of the 9 series. They claim the new 9 series monitor to be beautiful. Well if we look at it a bit more carefully the actual 9 series is quite well designed. The actual shape of the monitor is very elegant. It actually takes the shape of a paper that has been folded upwards and displayed. This makes the TV ergonomically nice to see.

In addition to that the actual monitor is a 3D TV, and is also very thin. The idea behind the design was to make something elegant but simple to look at. This is why the design of the 3D display adopted the design of paper folding upwards. A bit like origami design.

The new 9 series is not only good for its design. As already mentioned, the TV is also a 3D television, which means that Samsung is fast developing its 3D TV range to satisfy consumer demand. So that means the 3D monitor comes with special 3D glasses. In fact when you buy the TV, there is no need to spend extra to buy the actual 3D TV glasses. The actual glasses come with the package. So you can simply open the box and start watching beautiful 3D TV pictures instantly.

The new Samsung nine series 3D monitor was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2011. Although we are not sure of the release date of the monitor, we're pretty sure that the monitor when it is released, will be a big hit




















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