Samsung 9 Series Notebook


If you are a Samsung found, then you are going to love this little baby. At the consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, 2011, Samsung revealed its nine series notebook. This is a flagship product by Samsung and amazingly, it weighs just less than three pounds.

The notebook uses a special type of aluminum, to give the notebook its lightness. The notebook is not only light in weight, but it is also superfast. The notebook has a new Intel I5 ultralow voltage processor as well as 128 MB solid-state hard drive.

The processor is not only fast to allow you to get to and fro from your acts superfast, but the notebook also has super bright plus display. This display is the first of its kind and is actually built with the laptop. In other words the display is not separately plumping. The display has 1300 to 1 contrast ratio giving you superb image quality. To be specific, the laptop gives 16 million colors to make the display superlight like. If you're going to be messing about with photo shop on this lap top, you're going to see some superb results on the display.

The profile of the notebook also looks beautiful when it is closed. The laptop looks like an aerodynamic plane wing when it is closed.

Although there was no specific timescale given for the launch of the laptop, it is anticipated that the nine series notebook will be launched in the near future. So for the Samsung fans, look up from nine series notebook in your local store.




















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