Samsung offers corrective 3D glasses


Saturday, 23 October 2010

In South Korea, Samsung has decided to combine correction glasses with 3D technology in a single pair of glasses. The object of the manufacturer is to simplify the experience of 3D for people with visual impairments.

Everyone does not benefit the same way in the experiencing of the beautiful 3D technology. People with any visual impairment are often forced to superimpose two pairs of glasses to enjoy the advanced 3D TV experience. The first pair corrects visual defects while the second is used to simulate the feeling of 3D.

So how do you get rid of one of the two pairs of glasses? Currently, two solutions are possible: one is to recreate 3D without glasses or adapt each pair of active 3D TV glasses for the sight of the wearer. In either case, the user would not have a single pair of glasses on his nose.

In South Korea, Samsung has partnered with local opticians and the Asian manufacturer offers its customers 3D glasses design suit their purpose. After an appointment with the ophthalmologist, the customer goes to an optician for a pair of 3D TV glasses suitable for his sight. Personalized glasses remain limited to three models: the first is for children and the other two are for adults














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