Samsung D6400 LED 3D TV


Another TV that was showcased at the consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas in 2011 was the Samsung D6400 LED 3D TV. As with some of the other TV models released by Samsung, the D6400 promises to be a major player in the 3D TV market. The actual TV integrates some of the latest feature from Samsung. The D6400 is part of the six series TV range from Samsung.

The D6400 3D TV includes the automation technology by Samsung. As already mentioned this is the 3D television. So that means you can enjoy fresh new looking 3D TV content as it when it is available. In addition to the 3D technology, the Samsung 3D television also allows you to enjoy existing 2-D content in the 3D format. This means that the television converts the 2-D content into 3D automatically. This may sound slightly gimmicky but from some of the reviews that we have seen, the result of converting content from 2-D to 3D are pretty impressive.

The Samsung D6400 3D Television also has Samsung technology normally referred to as Samsung's smart television technology which allows you to surf the Internet directly from your TV. This allows you to not only search content from your own network, but it allows you also to serve content from other providers. For example the Samsung smart television technology allows you to serve content through online apps made to enhance your entertainment experience. So for example if you are looking for the latest net flicks movie, you can simply use the net flicks app to download the movie of your choice.

The Samsung D6400 LED 3D TV promises to be another smart television that will provide enhanced entertainment in the future. It is another one of many 3D TVs that have been launched by Samsung. Samsung is investing heavily in the 3D TV technology, and the investment in 3D television will continuously increase as more and more content is made available for the future




















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