Samsung D8000 LED 3D TV Series 8


At the Las Vegas consumer Electronics show in 2011, Samsung continued to showcase some of its latest releases of its 3D TV models. Another such model that was showcased at the show was the eight series 3D TVs. This is a top range TV from Samsung and it seemed the company was proud to unveil the many features that the 3D television has.

The D8000 LED 3D TV by Samsung has many features, including 240 Hz operation, Samsung's smart TV technology, and of course 3D technology. One of the most notable things about the release of the D8000 3D TV is the fact that the design has had a lot of attention given to it. For example the D8000 3D TV looks amazingly thin. Samsung is working hard to provide the TV viewer a fully immersive experience of 3D TV. The beautifully slick design of the D8000 is simple but yet beautiful. It removes any distractions so that the viewer can be more immersed in the viewing experience of the TV.

The smart TV runs under the smart hub function of the Samsung TV. The smart TV feature allows the user to be more interactive with the TV. For example the search all feature of the TV allows users to search content whether it be a movie or any other content from either an app or the Internet. The TV can also be connected to the user’s home network. For example the user can connect their smart phone to the TV so they can access their favorite services directly from the TV without needing to use individual devices. The smart TV feature is a great way of bringing together all the different devices in the home to enjoy a complete experience.

The recommendation feature of the TV allows a user to type in their desired content and the recommendation feature will come back with suggestions of recommended content that the user may wish to watch

The D8000 series will be available in the April 2011 timeframe. The 3D TV will be available in various sizes. These sizes include, 46 inches, 55 inches, 60 inches, and 65 inches.




















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