Samsung 3D TV


The Samsung 3D TV is part of the 3d revolution and is a plasma TV that has an inbuilt 3D TV effect to make your content viewing much more interesting and exciting. The quality of video as well the gaming experience is much more enhanced then the standard plasma TVs. The picture viewed on a 3D TV has much more depth and when it is viewed through the 3D TV glasses, the experience simply exciting.

The cost of the current 3D Television effect option is not any more then the price of the standard plasma TV, The current model need the purchase of a dongle and the 3D TV glasses to view 3D images cost around about a £100.

Samsung is working hard to stay up with the latest technological developments in the 3D TV market and we can expect more 3D TV products coming soon. It is keen to be amongst the front runners for the race to supply 3D TV to take our viewing experience to the next level.

Samsung C7700

Samsung UE46C7700













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