Samsung 3D TV production


Samsung wants to establish itself as the leading 3D TV manufacturer with its new technology called 3D Active glasses This year, with the expected mass production of Samsung 3D TV LCD and LED television panels, the 3D Active glasses will be a central part to the 3D TV experience.

Hardly any time has passed and already your beautiful HD TV that you recently acquired is fast becoming outdated. Faced with slowing sales, manufacturers are determined to bring the package to the forefront as 3D fantasy becomes a commercial reality this year. In Japan, the cable operator Sky Perfect that specializes in HD programming announced its intention to disseminate concerts and sporting events in 3D TV format this summer, and at the same time Samsung is announcing its intention to establish itself as a manufacturer of the 3D technology.

The Korean manufacturer has announced the mass production of LED and LCD panels for 3D TVs. Samsung has started production of slabs for "Active 3D Glasses" 40 ", 46" and 55 "with a display frequency of 240Hz.

With proper glasses, the 240 images per second can thus rotate an image from left to right eye without loss of fluidity in the video. Samsung says it has also improved response time by 20% to only 4 ms to further improve the quality.

Based on a study by DisplaySearch, Samsung 3D TV said it expected to sell 64 million of 3D TV by 2018, against 200,000 units sold in 2009

















Samsung 3D TV production

Samsung 3D Television