Samsung Bluray 3D Player


Some of the popular shopping sites have started offering the first stereo Blu-ray 3D player for pre-order.

The latest release is the Samsung BD-C6900 Blu-ray 3D player. In addition to being compatible with the new Blu-ray 3D, this device comes with Internet @ TV allows, among other things, to go to Picasa or Twitter. To take full advantage of a stereoscopic image, it must also, of course be connected to a 3D TV, watched through 3D glasses.

It is offered at $399.99. Is it expensive? Not really because it is one of the first players of its kind. However, it may seem a bit expensive when you know that the PlayStation 3 will also be 3D Ready with its free software upgrade being offered by Sony.. You just wait for the update. It is not known whether the "old" Blu-ray players will be made compatible with the new 3D technology through an update. In short, it is recommended that people wait a little longer whilst the 3D technology installed in homes




















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