Samsung UE46C7700 3D TV for Sale


The Samsung is one of the 3D TVs to be released on the market and has already been tested by TV reviewers. The Samsung UE46C7700 3D TV is viewed with 3D active glasses. The Samsung 3D TV is offered with a backlight edge LED mode It has a Motion Plus and operates at 200Hz for smoother motion, and also has a 2D to 3D conversion.

The TV comes with a range of features including and is DLNA compatible, offeing direct access to the Internet and has a media player.


To enjoy the 3D viewing experience on the Samsung UE46C7700, the viewer must have a pair of 3D TV glasses that are compatible with the TV. These 3D glasses are not are not included in actual purchase price of the TV and need to be purchased separately. There are mainly 2 types of 3D glasses offered by the manufacturer for adults. One is rechargeable (costing slightly more) than the other which is battery operated. There is also a coloured version that appeals to children. A family can buy the glasses in a family pack of four pairs of glasses dedicated to large families and these packs actually reduce the overall price of the purchase.

3D Rendering 

Samsung, like other manufacturers, has selected its technology for active 3D TV line for the general public. The 3D effect on the Samsung UE46C7700 is obtained by successively sending a true 1080p image on each eye. The active glasses darken the glass eye that does not see the image displayed. 

Image from the film Monsters VS. Aliens in 3D version

2D to 3D Conversion

Whilst technology catches up with 3D, you can take advantage of the 2D to 3D conversion function to watch TV, DVD or Blu-ray standard in 3D. Due to the limited availability of 3D content in the near future, it is very likely that the viewer is likely to be using the 2D to 3D function quite regularly. This feature is not included by every manufacturer and certainly useful until 3D content is widely available.

So how well does this feature work? Well it actually works very well and displays the converted images in very good quality. Although it is obviously not perfect without the 3D content, it is however, impressive. If you were to compare the 2D version against the converted 3D, you would definitely be inclined to vote for the 3D version. For instance, watching the film Casino Royale, you can see the crane “pull away” from the sky. The 2D to 3D conversion is fairly effective most of the time ... but there are some exceptions! 

There is still room for improvement and the 2D to 3D conversion features is probably one Samsung UE46C7700 will probably look to make perfect. For instance, the conversions in some parts can be a bit too exaggerated and may sometimes get noticed by the viewer. But the overall result of the conversion is still very good.

The Samsung UE46C7700 also works beautifully when video games are tried. Try plugging in the PS3 and you wont be disappointed with the overall experience.

Some potential problems to consider

If you are looking to get your hands on the Samsung UE46C7700 and plugging it in with the intention of slouching in front to watch your favourite from the comfort of your favourite leather suite then think again. To get the best quality 3D effect from the Samsung UE46C7700, the viewer has to be sat upright. Bending your head to the sides actually means that the picture is not seen to be perfect.
Wearing the 3D Tv glasses can also effect the brightness of the TV. In fact in some instances the brightness of the screen can be reduced by as much as 60%. This means closing your curtains or watching the TV in a darker room to maximize the 3D experience.

Equipment and Ergonomics 

Before we dwell on the image quality, lets have a closer look at what is offered by the hardware of the Samsung UE46C7700. It is actually hard to see what is lacking for this excellent TV. It offers all the main hardware that one would expect of a top model including:, 2 ports for USB, 4  sockets for HDMI, TV stand that can swivel, with the Ethernet port giving the TV DLNA compatibility, and an elegant looking remote control.

Like other LED product lines, the Samsung UE46C7700 3D TV is distinguished by its 3cm thin flat screen. This slim design will add the look of the latest modern design to your living space.

The 3D TVs offer a media player which has NTFS and FAT32 compatibility now making it possible to read and play files larger than 2GB, something which was not possible in the older models.  

A new PVR-Ready feature is particularly interesting. This feature essentially turns the TV into a digital Television recorder. All you need is to plug in a hard drive and that acts as the external storage space ffor the TV programs. The programs can be played back on the same TV.

Image Quality default 

Factory setting in the Samsung UE46C7700 use the standard mode. As with all TVs, the default result can be improved by readjustment of colours, sharpness and brightness to suit the viewer. ..

Image quality in movie mode 

When watching the Samsung UE46C7700  in movie mode, the dynamic backlight stays on and this can be re-adjusted to suit the brightness setting of the TV.

Switching the Samsung UE46C7700 to HD is just perfect.

Power Consumption 

Consumption of Samsung UE46C7700 is amongst the lowest against its competitors. It consumes a measly 0.05 watts in standby and 126 watts inches in operation for 46 inch TV.






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