Buy or sell house or property investment

Buy rent or sell a house or property investment? 

Buy a home or rent ...
Buy or rent a home? The question arises in this economic times delicate., Buying a home is a difficult choice. Fixed rate loan, variable rate, availability of credit ...

Lenders offer insights into the property market, with all the answers to choose between buying a house, selling a house or renting a property. 

1.         Buy or rent a property: Current
2.         Buy or rent their housing: rent or buy housing?
3.         Buy or rent a house: The smoothing of monthly

1 - Buy or rent a dwelling: Current 

The collapse of stock markets has weakened the banks, which lend prudently. Consequence: loans for house purchase are rarer with increased rates.
The beneficial effects of the tax credit to buy housing on the loan interest (TEPA) are then largely neutralized. The banks are demanding for a loan and candidates refuse to buy homes, they have accepted before the crisis

2 - Buy or rent their housing: rent or buy housing? 

Accordingly, the French ask: should we continue to rent a house until a more favorable market conditions or engage and buy a property? If the crisis generates difficulties, there are still positive elements even if you want to sell house quickly:

settling property price: started in the new age, it continues today in the former and is advantageous to buy a home.
The credit rate: 
if base rates have increased, they eventually returned to levels close to the beginning of 2008 (4.45% on 13/10/2008 identical to 02/01/2008). Note: to purchase a house, fixed now costs less than the variable rate. 

Renting or buying a home or a property investment is decided according to your personal situation. 
Once a person is stabilized in relation to employment and family, she can be interested in buying a home. 

3 - Buy or rent a property? 

To buy a home, there are now a number of loans at preferential rates or rate 0: 

1% Housing
loan rate 0% (PTZ)
loan or local communities which are combined with the previous.
ready for accession sociale (PAS) for entitlement to APL, depending on income and household size.

All of these tools to purchase a home results in monthly payments similar to that of a rented apartment that need to meet the same requirements or equivalent costs. These costs are modulated through smoothing techniques. Today, it is possible to buy a home on 30 or 40 years, thanks to a financing plan implementing several loans with different repayment periods. The credit is then "smoothed" and can work for people who are saying I want to sell my house fast to buy another.




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