Sharp 3D touch screen


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

After film and television, the next application of 3D technology could be mobile devices such as mobile phones and handheld devices. In recent weeks, Nintendo and Sharp made announcements for exactly that.

Last Friday, Sharp announced the development of an entirely new touch screen LCD, capable of displaying images in three dimensions without having to use special glasses. Sharp says that they had already developed several devices with 3D displays in the past (2002, 2004 and 2005) that did not require glasses, but they admitted, that they had been a failure.

So far, we observed the arrival of 3D only through television and film. But the technology developed by Sharp would deploy three dimensions on smaller devices like mobile phones or handhelds.

And the company confirmed being in contact with several high-tech companies to establish partnerships, without giving further details, it is difficult not to draw a parallel with the announcement of Nintendo that occurred a few days earlier.

The company had said it would launch a Nintendo DS next year that can support 3D effects without the use of active glasses. We guessed that the technology would play one way or another, the effect produced by the Fresnel lens that was already seen at work for the console rival Sony PSP. Instead of true 3D, the system will try to accentuate the impression of depth of field.



















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