Sharp 3D TVs in four primary colors


Monday, April 12, 2010

3D is good, but without beautiful colors it is not worth the upgrade. It is this argument that Sharp will attempt to break into the field of 3D TV. The Japanese company introduced a new range of screens supporting four primary colors to improve color rendition.

As the television manufacturers of the world invade the market with 3D TV, it will be increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd to attract the consumer. However, the year 2010 is already shaping up as a turning point for this technology, since the first television channels gradually begin to distribute content in three dimensions. And to stand out, manufacturers will have no choice but to rely on very specific strengths.

Sharp has clearly understood the trick. Indeed, the Japanese company proudly announced today in a press release to be the first company worldwide to have developed a range of 3D LCD TVs that work with four primary colors, instead of three. Thus, instead of relying solely on the classic trio RGB (Red Green Blue), new televisions will also integrate the factory yellow (RGBY).

Unlike the screen developed for Mobile devices this technology - called "Quattron" - will require the active glasses to enjoy the depth of 3D. Moreover, problems like brightness a little low signal interference (crosstalk) have been corrected, according to Japanese manufacturer.

Japan should take advantage of these products as early as June, but the international marketing will not occur immediately



















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