Sharp 3D mobile screens


The manufacturer Sharp is working towards the introduction of mobile 3D. The Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics is introducing the 3D technology to display three dimensions without specific glasses.

Just like TV and cinemas, mobile phones are also having 3D enhancements. There are already 3D mobile screens, but those recently presented by Sharp are tactile (non-touch version also exists), thus adapting to the current trend.

Seven years ago, Sharp had made a first attempt at 3D mobile screen, but was unsuccessful because of the poor image quality. These new screens are 3.4 inches and provide a brighter display and higher resolution. Another important point is that they can switch from 3D to 2D mode.

Sharp expects to launch production before the this autumn. The company hopes to provide its technology to manufacturers of mobile phones and mobile terminals of video games. Contacts have already taking place between Sharp and other companies but exact companies involved have not been named, Remember that in a year's time, Nintendo will launch a portable game console with 3D screen.




















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