Signature Sony bravia LX900 for Sale


This Sonia Bravia 3D TV model is compatible with 3D and offers Motionflow 200Hz Pro. The backlight is provided by LED sides, to reduce the thickness of frame. This design uses Monolithic and an optimized panel to improve the contrast. Occupancy sensors and light are incorporated to reduce power consumption. In other words, the TV can detect if a person is in front of the TV; if someone is present the TV activates and if no one is there the TV sensor will turn the TV off.

The TV will be available in a variety of sizes including; 40, 52 and 60 inches (102, 132 and 152 cm) at various prices

Sony said:''The SIGNATURE television line gives a unique flair to your living room while providing the ultimate in Sony 3D TV, Full HD, access to a wealth of online services and features such as Smart Sensor presence with intelligent face detection technology for comfort and optimum ease of use.'' 



























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