Sky 3D TV Launch


The British group British Sky Broadcasting announced its intention to launch in the coming months a string of television full 3D programs. To enjoy the programs, it will be necessary to have adequate 3D TV set up.

We are already used to the HD Ready TVs that are now commonly offered in the shops. 3D TV is set to follow the foot steps of the HDTV and BSkyB announced it would soon launch a Sky 3D TV channel that would be visible on the upcoming 3D televisions. This would be a world premiere.

For now, the experience of 3D is restricted to cinemas, with special effects as in the movie Ice Age 3, for example. This 3D technical process is supposed to make the audiovisual experience much more intense and immersive.

BSkyB states that the channels are really up in the course of 2010r. Among the programs that will be affected by 3D TV technology, will potentially include movies, and sports programming and entertainment for youngsters.

However, to fully enjoy 3D television the group said it will be equipped with the famous stereoscopic glasses, a television adapted (3D Ready) and high-definition decoder. The decoders are already available in the latest technology being supplied to homes in the UK

















Sky 3D TV Launch

Sky 3D Television