LG 3D TV and Sky Join Forces in UK


It looks like the British want to explore the 3D technology just as quickly as the other Western countries that are keen to introduce the 3D T technology.

In fact, many public places in the UK will host 3D television broadcasts ranging from sports events to specialist live entertainment. It will be possible to watch 3D TV programs on these broadcasts from the new Sky 3D channel, whose arrival is scheduled for next Aptil 2010.

It is estimated that 15,000 3D TV units will be installed across Britain. This is what we call commitment to the new 3D TV technology!

This project grew out of an agreement between LG 3D TV and Sky. In other words, South Korea will provide the television units and Sky will be using the TVs to promote its 3D broadcasts. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Sky will be the first 3D channel of its kind in Europe. The channel will broadcast various matches including the Premier League football.

LG is used to concluding these types of partnerships. For example, in India, it has concluded a similar agreement with Valuable to broadcast cricket matches in 3D. In addition, there are the basketball games planned to be released in 3D on the CBS channel

















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