Sony 3D products review review


January 2011

Sony goes even further in 3D. After the release in 2010 of micro-reflex cameras that can make panoramic images in three dimensions, the brand announced at CES three compact cameras (WX7, TX10 and HX7V), with a Fixed 3D mode for 3D photos using a single objective. This method involves taking two consecutive images, then creating images for the right eye and the left eye, thus producing a 3D effect.

The range is completed by Blu-ray players and home cinema systems compatible with 3D content. If the current catalog of 3D programs is still weak and that sales of 3D televisions slow to take off, Sony will take advantage of the arrival of many 3D films this year to generate excitement around this technology. It is at Sony Pictures through which many movies are planned for release in 3D soon, including The Green Hornet by Michel Gondry.

Estimates from the firm DisplaySearch suggest that the global sales of 3D TVs did not exceed 3.2 million in 2010. However, they should rise to 18 million in 2011, then fly from 2012 to reach 91 million units in 2014, whicjh wil represent about 4 in 10 flat screens sold worldwide.

Sony's competitors (Panasonic, Samsung, etc.) are also present in 3D areas. At CES in Las Vegas, they have mostly highlighted the functions connected to their televisions rather than their ability to read images in 3D. According to DisplaySearch, 21% of televisions sold in the world had an option to connect online to check messages, news, videos or download content (widgets, games, movies, VoD, etc.)



















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