Sony pushes its 3D products


10 January, 2011

The new consumer electronic releases by Sony at the CES in Las Vegas (which is being held in January 2011) are almost all labeled 3D. The Japanese electronics giant wants to offer consumers the ability to produce their own 3D images via 3D cameras and 3D camcorders, and enjoy them on televisions or laptops.

In year 2011, it appears that the name Sony will be synonymous with 3D fairly strongly. Most of the innovations presented by the Japanese firm at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and marketed in the coming months, contain the footprints of 3D images. The brand, which has already released some Sony 3D TV models in 2010, wants to position itself as leader in the 3D technology, and it looks like it intends to do this for every product category.

Sony wants for example to offer its customers the ability to make their own videos in 3D. To do this they will have a choice between the Handycam HDR-TD10E, or the new pocket Bloggie camera, which is no bigger than a cell phone. Both devices are equipped with two sensors to shoot images in Full HD and 3D.

The 3D images captured with both cameras can be viewed without special glasses directly on the monitor screen of the two devices, or at home, with glasses on one of the new 3D Bravia flat-screens (HX720, HX820 or HX920 ), or the new laptop F series Vaio, with a Full HD 3D of screen sizes up to 16 inches.



















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