Sony Bravia 3D TV


Introduction of Sony Bravia HD 3D TV.

At the CES in Las Vegas, Sony exhibited its new range of TVs that will be marketed in March. Sony 3D TV adopts a monolithic design, with a smooth screen surface, with no visible frame around the screen, similar to what Apple offers on its new iMac. The monolithic design concept was extended to the entire range of home media products launched by Sony in 2010, both new BRAVIA televisions, that read Blu-Ray and Home Cinema systems 

The new BRAVIA 3D televisions, including the LX900, are the first to propose the new 3D technology in High Definition. In the 3D Full HD technology Sony uses a high sampling frequency of 200 Hz and active LCD glasses to create a sense of depth. 

The TVs also offer online services providing access to catch-up TV, video streaming on the Internet and other widgets. The BRAVIA Internet Video also allows you to watch shows or series that you missed on the sites of "catching up" of TV channels, starting with M6 replay that will be available for 2010ranges. 

The 2010 Bravia are divided into four ranges: Signature, Cinematic, Presence and Essential. 


This range offers SIGNATURE Edge LED screen with the new monolithic design. Full HD Sony 3D TV technology is present, and Motionflow of 200Hz Pro. 

An integrated WiFi access means that the user can enjoy the online content services, widgets and Web-enabled devices connected to the DLNA home network. An intelligent sensing system with face detection technology is also included. This uses the face detection technology to find out who is watching television. It reduces the brightness of the screen on or off if nobody is watching TV shows and adjusts if there are children sitting too near to the screen or adjusts the sound balance and image performance in accordance with the the location of the room where you sit. The sensor can even recognize your viewing habits and recommend programs that may interest you. 

The Bravia LX900 is available in three diagonal sizes; 40 inches (102 cm) 52 inches (132 cm) 60 inches (152 cm), for prices not disclosed yet. 


This range is represented by Cinematic HX900 TVs available in 46 and 52 diagonal inches, and the HX700. The panel is also backlit LED with Motionflow 200Hz PRO technology and 3D full HD compatibility. 

Sony has not yet announced the price of the HX900. For HX700, prices will be 1300 euros for the 46-inch, and 1,700 euros for the 52 inches. 


This range is represented by the PRESENCE NX800 and NX700, and also offers a slab LED backlight. You will find the monolithic design, Wi-Fi technology Motionflow 200 Hz NX800 coming with a glass screen and brushed aluminum tilt to six degrees. 

Suggested retail prices are 1700 euros for the 40-inch NX800, and 2,600 euros for the 52 inches. The NX700 will be offered at 1400 euros for the 40-inch, and 1900 euros for the 52 inches. 


The line consists of models including; ESSENTIAL EX700, EX500, EX402 and EX302. 

The EX700 has a fine screen and LED Edge incorporates BRAVIA ENGINE 3 and Motionflow 100Hz . Available in 32, 40, 46, 52 and 60 inches, it will be available in March 2010 at prices ranging from 1000 to 2800 euros. The EX500 is announced between 750 and 1000 euros, the EX402 between 600 and 800 euros, and EX302 400 and 430 euros



























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