Sony Bravia Cinematic HX900 for Sale


This Sony Bravia 3D TV uses a dynamic matrix type LED backlight. That is to say that the backlight is automatically adjusted according to the distance of the viewer from the actual TV screen. The TV comes with Motionflow 200Hz Pro to limit the flicker and this model is compatible with 3D. 

The Bravia HX900 is available in various sizes that include; 46 and 52 inches (117 and 132 cm) at a wide range of prices. It will also have a sister model (HX700). There isn’t yet enough information available to determine what distinguishes the HX700 from HX900.

Sony said: The Cinematic Sony 3D TV line with LED backlight combine innovative, advanced technology and the Motionflow screen is designed to deliver cinematic-quality images with impressive details, rich colors and superb contrast




























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