Sony PS3 in 3D


Fans of the PlayStation 3 will be happy to learn that Sony has finally revealed its plans of when it is looking to make the PS3 compatible with the latest 3D technology.
The announcement was made by John Koller, director of marketing materials for SCEA. He said that the new version of firmware for teh PS3 will be available this summer, which means very soon! Unfortunately, he was not clearer about the official launch date. It is therefore too early to say if the update will arrive at the beginning or the end of the summer.

The new firmware is due to be released at the same time as the new Sony Bravia 3D TV. Maybe the Japanese firm will propose a package deal where buyers get offered a special discount for the purchase of both items together.

The conversion of the 3D facility on the PS3 will mean that it will be able to play movies on Blu-ray, but Sony is also developing stereoscopic 3D gaming. This will definitely be a special feature.

The Sony PS3 in 3D will certainly have an advantage over other consoles like the Xbox 360. Will we see a new video games war?




















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