Thomson 3D Technicolor


Thomson recently announced the support of several major studios for the launch of movie content available in 3D Technicolor. Operating with the existing 35mm projectors, the 3D technology will be launched in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation, Lionsgate, Paramount, Overture, Universal Studios, Warner Bros.. and The Weinstein Company. 

Thomson is looking to fill the cinemas more with the deployment of its new 3D television technologies in various cinemas. They want the movie goers to enjoy a new experience. The CEO of Thomson commented that the use of 3D in cinemas will since it offer cinemas a platform to reach more movie lovers. He said that this will enable movie distributors and broadcasters to provide more 3D movies to cinema lovers. The company is looking forward to exploiting further partnerships with the  major studios as well as other key players in the industry. It is looking to deliver 3D to as many people as it can and guarantees that all cinemas with which it collaborates, will be able to provide 3D to its viewers.

3D Cinema is booming. No fewer than 17 films are advertised for future release for 2010, including popular titles such as Shrek 4 for 3D. Thomson said that many  of these titles come from the studios mentioned.
















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